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Hi all,

A good nanny is available starting immediately. I can give a good reference if you are interested.

She is Sumitra Aunty and is reachable at 201-682-1291



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Hey, I am looking for someone temporary for 1 week next week. If she hasn’t found anything permanent I’ll give her a call.
If you don’t mind providing me some additional info on her- how long she has been with you, your kids age, what she is and isn’t capable of?


Hi Disha,

I am not sure if she has found anything so you can check with her if she is ok for a week.

She worked for me for 11 months, my son was 3.5 years when  she joined us. She is used to do cooking and housekeeping in the first half and babysitting for 2nd half. She doesn't know to converse in English and is not tech savvy and all. But over all, I found her ok. Very trustworthy. 

Hi Disha, I can help you, ping or call me @201-595-9102.


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