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Hi All, I’m looking for an experienced middle aged lady who can do postnatal massage for me & massage for my new born baby. She should also be able to do some house hold chores as well. Would, need her by December end. I’m based in Edgewater, NJ so only interested person who is willing to commute can reach out to me. I’m available on 240-409-3633. Mommies, if you have any references that’l be highly appreciable. Thank you all.

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Hi riddhi, did you find anyone? If yes, can you please share her number? Thank You.
Hi Pia,
Sorry for the delay in writing back to you. Yes, there were quite a few of them who happened to call me about their services. But i finally freezed on a lady who is closer to the place I live in.
Sharing the details of all the massage therapists who called me:
1. Divya from jersey city ‭+1 (201) 856-4253‬. Her rates are affordable & is similar to my massage lady.
2. Jago from jersey city +1 (732) 372-1730, this lady never revealed her prices despite of me asking many times.

I’m also sharing my massage lady’s number Incase you need her though she lives close to Edgewater.
3. Bhavna ‭+1 (201) 736-0686‬.

Hope this helps. Take care.



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