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Tibetan Nanny - (No- fees): 212.335.0017

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Comment by charlotte anson on January 7, 2019 at 1:29pm

Does anyone know of any Nanny willing to commute from jersey city to Short shills NJ?  Monday to Friday. Live in also welcome if that works better.

Comment by Ria Chatterjee on January 7, 2019 at 12:53pm

Hello Mommies,

I wanted to share my experience with Nanny Tsering Dolma Sherpa as I waat no other mommy to be fooled as I have been. Dolma Tsering Sherpa has been with us since my child was 10 days old, and till now which is 11 months old. Her way of working was ok but since she has been with us for so long I obviously started trusting her even with lamest excuses she came up with. Needless to mention she has anger issues to the extent where she would give an earful to my Mother in Law sometimes behind my back. Always more focussed on pay, within a days notice should would suddenly stop coming for as long as 2 weeks at a stretch, since I was on Maternity extended leave I could manage this those times. Even when we needed her parttime not full time, I made sure to post add here and help her find an alternative parttime job too. Gave her gifts on birthday as well as whenever we felt like, in short we treated her like family. 

1. She used to bad mouth each family where she has worked, including some lady from Newport where she worked for 5 years has two son and one daughter. She said she was thrown out by that employer and was mistreated as well. Wherever she joined including the parttime I helped her get into, she came up with stories of how the husband used to act over friendly with her. I ignored as this as these are none of our business but at same time used to wonder what stories she conveyed about my family to others.

2. She had lied back and forth about money she got from parttime to put pressure on us for increasing her pay.

3. She committed since couple of months to convert full time from Dec 7th, which she did for just past 7 days but this Sunday called to inform again just with a days notice, that she would not be able to come for 2 weeks again with another lame story to narrate as excuse.

4. She also didn't spare bad mouthing the kids she worked for, in the parttime job I helped her find, she would say the kid is sicky, he can't mingle, he has learning issues etc and his parents didn't care so she is scared to continue as its becoming her headache to take care of this kid. 

When I put pressure on her who on earth gives one day notice every time and how unprofessional and irresponsible is this behavior, she started vomitting out  how much more pay she needs and I can go ahead search out anyone else.

My baby was so attached to her that she has been suffering since then, no other nanny she is able to get adjusted to and I obviously had to take leaves and requesting wfh from employer to handle the current situation.

Even after all this I had tried to reach her to understand if she really had a genuine issue and give  her a benefit of doubt, the response I get is I will join back in 3 days, since she had mistakenly committed to join somewhere else so she needs few days to handle them. Again I trusted her, next when I call to confirm if she is joining back, another lame excuse, she met with accident and have hurt her head. Since then no calls from her, neither she picks up calls. 

Could someone kindly let me know what would you do in this situation, is there anyway to file complain against such unethical and harmful behaviour ?? As mentioned she has not given the balance amount back neither our trip card which we sponsered for her commute.

To the mommies our there, Newport, Exchange Place, Grove Street, please be careful of this lady as she has history of lies lined up and jumps from one to another family within as short as a days notice.

What amused me is she was with my baby since her birth almost, but has no heart and was almost acting out this long, while entire time we have treated her like family, giving food, money, gifts, and all comfort one can ask for.

Comment by Deblina Ghosh on January 6, 2019 at 8:53pm

Looking for part time nanny

Hi All, I am looking for a excellent babysitter, preferably Nepali/ Tibetian to start immediately. Location is Grove Street, Jersey City. If interested call at 8609908488.

Comment by Sachita Laddha Dhoot on December 28, 2018 at 11:58am
Hi All! I am looking for a part time nanny for my 9 month old son to start asap. Looking for someone with prior infant care experience and someone who is willing to help with light house keeping work as well. I live in Newport and the hours I need help currently are - 8 am to 12 noon. Please contact me on my cell Sach - 917-971-4052.

Thank You!
Comment by Kavitha PH on December 24, 2018 at 1:13pm


I'm looking for a full time nanny (8 to 6:30 pm M-F) from Jan 2nd week for my 2.2 yr old son. My house is very close to Indian street, Journal Square. We expect nanny to be honest, trustworthy and loving towards my son. Please contact us at 973-687-9793 or 201-920-8793 if interested. Thanks

Comment by Atreyee Poddar on December 22, 2018 at 3:28pm

Nanny Needed For 1 Infant In Jersey City

Hi, I am looking for an excellent nanny for my 2 month old, starting from Jan 14, 2019. Would prefer someone who has experience in managing newborns, and could help out with light housekeeping. High preference for a nanny who has their own car and who does not smoke. I am flexible on work hours and rates. Please reach out to me at 973.234.9079 if you know someone. Thanks! - Atreyee

Comment by Anupriya Gupta on December 20, 2018 at 8:41pm

Looking for part time nanny

Hi all, I am looking for a babysitter for 3-3.5 hours in the evening. (3:30-6:30)

I live near Grove Street area (Marin Boulaverd) and my son is 2.5 years old. 

Please reach out to me directly at (201)234 9413.

Comment by Padmapriya Ayyagari on December 20, 2018 at 1:40pm


Hello! Our nanny Gitaben is available for work starting immediately. She cared for our son and later our daughter for nearly 5 years. We love her and she's like a grandmother to our children. We've had to move away from NJ which is why we have had to let her go. Gitaben is very professional, pleasant, hard working, caring and gentle with the kids, and an excellent cook. She brings a lot of happy and positive energy from the second she enters our home in the mornings. I've never once seen her in a sour mood in the 5 years she's worked with us. We consider ourselves very fortunate to have her help with raising our kids. Her phone # is 2019362769. She can provide you with my phone # if needed in case you would like a more detailed reference from me.

Comment by Manisha Ankam on December 15, 2018 at 12:02am

Looking for a full-time nanny for our 10 month old daughter to start ASAP. Hours are M-F 8am to 6pm. We are located 5 minutes away from exchange place path stn and 2 minutes away from light rail.

Nanny should meet the following criteria: 

  • Should be honest, trustworthy and genuinely loving towards our daughter. 
  • Must have relevant references proving experience with infants. 
  • Should speak and understand basic English. Hindi would be a plus.
  • Should be able to cook Indian food for baby or willing to learn. Additionally, when baby sleeps, cooking some basic Indian food for us would be great. 
  • Should be able to send text updates throughout the day.
  • Should be flexible and willing to listen to parents/grandparents instructions.
  • Someone looking for long term commitment is ideal

Please contact us at 6463233732 or 6463233731 if interested. Thanks. 

Comment by PMK on December 14, 2018 at 12:14am


I am writing to recommend our former nanny, Dolkar. I have had the pleasure of having Dolkar work twice for us. We first hired her when our son was 5 months and rehired when our family situation changed. She has been a reliable and trustworthy caregiver to my son. 

Tasks: She cooked us excellent vegetarian (including chapatis) and non-vegetarian (chicken) meals. She also took care of the laundry. 
Experience: She has worked with Asian families in Greater NYC area as a live-in and live-out nanny since early 2000s. She is homeowner in Jersey City (Journal Square) and is a U.S. citizen.
Availability: She is between jobs and is looking for full-time work. She prefers single-child families. 
Location: Newport, Hoboken, Grove Street, Journal Square areas
Contact: I will be happy to answer any questions: Dolkar can be reached at: 347-536-6180
Comment by AJ on December 13, 2018 at 2:10pm

Hello, I am looking for a part time nanny to start with us in February 2019. I need someone from 8 am - 6 pm every Thursday and Friday to take care of my 3 month old. If you know anyone please reach out with contact info. Thanks in advance! 

Comment by AA on December 10, 2018 at 1:20pm

Nimu Hasben is available for Full time/Part time Nanny/care giver position. She has been very good with my daughter throughout her tenure. My daughter will be going to day care. Hence I am trying to find my care giver a new home. Happy to provide any reference. Please reach out to Nimu @ 201 442 1804.

Comment by AA on December 10, 2018 at 1:07pm

My nanny is avaialable from Feb 1st 2019. Nimu Has been. Very reliable and good care giver/nanny and a very good cook. Please reach out to her @ 2014421804

Comment by Deepti Puri on December 9, 2018 at 4:01pm

Looking for a Nanny for my 22 months old girl. 

5 days a week, time is 12pm to 7pm.

Contact me at 9147155844, references will be required.

Comment by Madhura Roy on December 8, 2018 at 4:02pm


  • And oh your nannies have access to Newport Mommies. Yup. When my nanny was leaving, she knew exactly what my new ad said.  It's probably some kind, thoughtful employer helping her out. My nanny is used to say Newport is a very small place and word gets around and I didn't quite understand until I was actually part of the mommy-nanny circuit. 
Ok mommies, good luck with nannies and momming. This stage is so hard and being a mom is a difficult and an isolating feeling. You are probably doing the best you can. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me with further questions or if you just want to chat. If you are so lucky to have the perfect nanny and faced none of what I listed then I’d love to learn more about how you trained and managed your nanny.  
Comment by Madhura Roy on December 8, 2018 at 4:01pm


  • They are very quick to speak ill of employers that they feel that they have been wronged by or other nannies have been wronged by. She often came up to me with stories of how a nanny was fired in a day and what an terrible person the employer was, or how her previous employer (who actually wrote her a glowing review on Newport mommies) actually a cruel, unfair person because she tricked her into believing she would hire her for a year even though she knew in advance she was returning to India. And so on. There are possibly things that go horribly wrong between mommies and nannies, however, its usually a personality clash and it's never really one person's fault entirely.
  • There are nanny cliques. Apparently there is a Gujju group, and a Nepali group, and various other groups of nannies that rule Newport. I know about how the Gujju gang functions because my nanny was Gujju. They share notes about each others' per hour wage and what they get, so they all pretty much will have the same demands when you start interviewing. They function like a union. If one nanny charges less, other nannies gang up on her and belittle her about how she’s poorly paid and how much better their lives are etc. etc. 
  • They have strange concepts of what is standard rate etc. I tried to explain to my nanny that different people get paid differently for the same job because of the skill sets they bring, a nanny with a degree in early childhood education, a pleasing personality and great cooking skills will be paid a premium over the rest. It is a concept they have trouble grasping because of the union like structure that they function in.
  • Your nanny might be complicit. You define the standards for them. Be sure to set a good example for your nanny. If you take a quick and easy way once, it’s not the exception, it’s the rule for them. The logic is, if that is good enough for the mom then I can drop my standards too, even if they know better. So be extra cautious about cleanliness.
  • The nanny won't clean bathrooms. They consider it beneath them. Think about what this means for a moment. You live in America, it is unlikely you have a janitor coming in on a daily basis. It means your nanny will use the bathroom but expects that you clean after her, but she won't clean after you because it's beneath her. I had no option but to agree to this but I think if you are using the bathroom, it's fair you clean it too. 
  • Expect a bit of disrespect: These women are not accustomed to the American way to speaking directly . So you might have your nanny speaking in riddles or pass a snide comment here and there which you may need to ignore. I faced a bit of that too, I was once told by my nanny that I don't know much about child rearing. The fact of the matter is that I probably don't because I am a new mother but don't let anybody speak to you like that. Not your mother or in laws or the nanny. As moms, we need to trust our gut instinct and not question our abilities as a mother because nobody knows better than you what your child needs (well, maybe just your pediatrician). Advice can be well intentioned but harmful if coming from somebody who cannot explain logic behind why something should be done a certain way. 
  • Your nanny is more savvy than you think - Most of these women are uneducated but they know about emergency daycare that your employer offers you, or what River school daycare costs and that it has bad reviews or that jersey city schools are not the top schools. They also have hilarious ideas about the world they work in like a certain building is better than the others and nannies aspire to work there but the building allow all types of nannies.
Comment by Madhura Roy on December 8, 2018 at 3:59pm


Hi mommies,

I am the mother of a one year old and wanted to share my experience with you so maybe lessons that I learnt will save you a lot of time and effort. Obviously this is not EVERY nanny in Newport so you might disagree and that’s fine. These are just my observations from my own experience. I had a nanny who came highly recommended on this website, while the quality of her work was very good, there were a few lessons for me along the way. 
  • Nannies can be unreliable: if you have a nanny that keeps her word about a notice period etc you are lucky. My nanny worked for me for 7 months and gave me a weeks’ notice. This can be a nightmare situation for many of you working moms as it was for me. This was after she insisted that I hire her for no less than a year. Please back up your phone with as many nanny numbers and interview as many as is possible because at a pinch you may need help. Keep in mind there is no contract and they will move on to the next job for half a dollar increase in their per hour pay rate. The unfortunate truth is that nannies in Newport demand all the benefits of a full time job but you cannot expect the same level of performance, professionalism and expertise. They expect paid vacations etc, fixed hours, steady salary but it is unlikely you will have a proper notice period or any kind of professionalism on their end unless you are exceptionally lucky. My nanny got paid for my month long India trip and then waited till she got paid for two Thanksgiving holidays and a $100 Diwali holiday before she decided she wanted to move on to the next thing. 
  • Don't expect honesty. I got some hogwash story about her having a backache and then I was told she and her husband bought a store and were moving away. And also she didn't want to do a nanny job anymore. Sure enough, she had another kind, trusting employer put up an new ad for her in the next week. 
  • There are constant not-very-subtle hints about gifts. Your nanny will possibly “in casual conversation” bring up how ex-employers have gifted them branded bags and constantly ply her with cash gifts that she refuses. A couple of my friends have said their nannies have told them that their previous employer gifted them gold jewelry. I’m skeptical for obvious reasons. 
  • Nothing about your life will remain private. Understand that they will discuss details about you, your family and how much money you have and make, to other nannies and every household they work at. I heard stories about other employers and watches that were lost that costs lakhs of rupees and how the dad instantly bought her another. Or another employer with a home in short hills and 10 rooms. My nanny wistfully said, when will I have a house like that? Some stories are harmless but there are some stories I am pretty sure her employer wouldn't have wanted her to share with strangers. While my nanny was extremely honest in the terms that my things never went missing, it generally is not a good idea to flash any form of wealth because of the people they might be sharing information may not have the right intentions and you need to be careful. I learnt too many private things about her other employers than I cared to know.  
Comment by vasudha khanna on December 5, 2018 at 3:39pm

Excellent, young, energetic, loving, honest, and reliable nanny is available for a full time position from 17th of December 2018/ 1 January 2019 (9 or 10 hours). She has had more than 3.5 years of experience as a baby sitter in New Jersey. She has worked with me as a weekend nanny for the last one year and came to me highly recommend.  She has an excellent work ethic, is punctual, extremely caring and patient with kids, an excellent cook and a perfectionist. She took over my kids and tasks at home seamlessly with little instruction. She has worked with 3 more families before and come to me as highly recommended. I hope she can find a good family to be with.

If you are interested, please call/ message me at +1 734 447 6510 or email me at Happy to provide a reference for her. You can also call her directly at +1 646 894 9123.

Comment by Kavita Kotte on December 4, 2018 at 7:34am

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Our full time nanny available from next week. She was with us for 6months and we had a fair experience. She is very loving and patient towards my son.pls feel free to call Pramila Ben @ (201) 667-4028. Msg me if you have any questions. Thanks Kavita801-897-4667.

Comment by Navya Chaudhary Igarashi on November 29, 2018 at 9:35pm

Hi, our nanny - Sonam is available from 8th December as our kids are now in full time day care and school.  She has been a live in nanny for my 2 yr old and 4 yr old and is also very good with housekeeping, laundry and great with kids. She has a lot of experience with kids and doesn’t take time to engage them and entertain them. She is from bhutan and has a valid working visa. She is looking for live in or live out full time nanny/ housekeeper job . Please reach out to her at ‭+1 (929) 328-3970‬ .



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