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Code Riddle-- Crack the Code, Find the Answer-- Logic Activity for Family

A couple of days ago, I posted the first part of “LOGIC... an important yet undermined element in our school curriculum” series. I hope you have had a chance to read it.  I thought posting a fun logic activity will be meaningful as a follow up. I am hoping that these activities are fun and entertaining for you and family.

I am dividing the activity into three different levels: Novice, Primary, and Intermediate. I won’t give any specific of age; it is for you and your child to determine depending upon the readiness of your child and how much challenge you would like to introduce your child to.

Hope you have fun!! Happy LOGIC Time!!

It all begins with Code...Crack the code and Find the surprise!!


A =1   B=2    C=3     D=4    O=5     M=6    T=7      F=8     R=9     S=0

There is a funny poem you can make using these codes! 

( Remember, match the number with the letter to crack the code)

For example:

1= A      217=BAT

Got it? Have fun!!

      There we go...

1      817      317      017

1      817      457      614

1      817      917      014

809      1      817      217      414

Can you tell me what the poem is saying? Do you find it funny or weird or silly or all of those?  If you do, that is good :) I find the poem funny and weird and silly...

Moms, Dad, ask your child to see the patterns, and maybe, just maybe, remember some words for them to begin reading.


Do you remember the alphabets song? You might need it to crack the codes. You  also need to count and think while you are having fun! Ready??

  1. My first letter is the fourth letter of alphabets. My second letter is shaped like a circle. I have four legs.

What am I? Please spell me correctly :)

__________      ____________       __________

  1. I am a flower. I have different colors, but most people think I am only red. Don’t touch me carelessly as I am prickled. My third letter is the nineteenth letter of the alphabets.

What am I? Please spell me correctly :)

_____________   ____________    ___________   _____________

  1. You know me since you were very young. You might use to like me more when you were young than you are now. I have a house and it is called a station. I am a five-letter word, and I end with a letter N.

What am I? Please spell me correctly :)

__________  _________ _________  _________  ________

  1. Wow!! This is a long word, but it is a fun one. It is about the extinct creatures that live million years ago; some of them lived in Cretaceous era, some of them lived in Jurassic era, and some of them lived in Triassic era. Their names are difficult, and they are also enormous.

What are they? I will help you to spell me correctly :)

______ I ______ ______S _____U _____

  1. I am  a number word. I am written as one with two zeroes. 

I am the first three digit number you will know. 

What am I? You have to write two words to describe who I am...

the first word is    ________   ________ ________

the second word is _________U N_________R________D

I have eleven toy cars. Have fun while thinking or making an “educated” guess of what color they are by understanding the clues given to you.


Two of my cars are:

  1. It starts with the letter B
  2. It is not the color of the sky
  3. It does not have the letter “r”

So, two of my cars are:  __________________________

Three of my cars are:

  1. It starts with P
  2. Another name for it is Violet

So, three of my cars are ______________________

Four of my cars are:

  1. It starts with the twenty-fifth letter of the alphabets
  2. It has a letter that is repeated twice

So, four of my cars are ____________________

The remaining of my cars are:

  1. It has a letter that is repeated twice (yes, again :) )
  2. It ends with the fourteenth letter of the alphabets

So, my remaining cars are ___________________

I also love numbers. 

The first number I love is:

  1. A three-digit number
  2. It is in order and it has a number two on the tens place

The number is ___________________

The second number I love is:

  1. If you multiply this number by 4, it will be 16
  2. If you subtracted this number by 4, it will be 0

The number is _________________

The third number I love is:

  1. It is the seventh number when you count by 10 beginning from 0
  2. If you add the number by 40, it will become 100

The number is _________________

The fourth number I love is:

  1. If you multiply by 12 is 144
  2. If you take away the number on the tens place from the number on the ones place, it will be 1

The number is ________________

I hope all of you have enjoyed the activity. I would always ask my students to explain their thoughts to crack  the codes as it is fascinating to listen to their thoughts and it is a good practice activity for a child to understand his/her own thought as he/she communicates it.

Until Later,

Chandra Budi, Ph.D

URL Tutoring and Consulting, LLC



Please also visit this link as I find it meaningful and beautiful.


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