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Don’t WAIT to BUY real estate, BUY real estate and WAIT.

Don’t WAIT to BUY real estate, BUY real estate and WAIT.

Even though it may sound cliché, most of us haven’t acted on it or simply defer acting on it for reasons rarely justifiable and most times not.

I wear several hats – a seasoned wall street professional in housing finance, health & gym fanatic, start-up investor, fixer upper & a real estate agent.

As a Real Estate Agent at Prestige Property Group, I am excited to have this opportunity to be briefly presented to YOU - my audience, my potential future clients who I will be delighted to work with and to help out.

Buying a home is one of the biggest financial decisions for most of us. It is something that brings a lot of questions & concerns like which location, is the price right, what if we wait, did I miss the boat?? Also, other things like affordability, mortgage rates, taxes, school zoning, access to public transport, newer developments and how it influences the value of your home etc. make this decision making harder and confusing.

We will help you with all these factors put into one step by step algorithm that will help you navigate through this decision matrix. To name a few -

1.       Can you do down-payment as low as 3.5%, Perhaps, Ask me how? Is it a FHA approved property, we will find it out for you? Email me!!

2.       Can you do a down-payment as low as 5% on a non-FHA approved property? Yes, in most cases at no PMI or extra fees - Call me now to see how à 347 701 9248, so I can share some information & connect you with the appropriate entities.

3.       Is it better to rent or buy? Let me ask you - what is your current rent and forward looking 5-year rental expense – Email me your number and/or let’s grab a coffee and discuss the nuances of how renting on an ongoing basis may not be a good idea. Well it’s all relative to how much is what I call a “rent equivalent number” on a condo ownership compared to your current rental expense. Perhaps, we need more than one coffee to discuss and look at some spreadsheets!!

4.       Remodeling or updates to be done to current home preparing for a sale or to be done to a newly purchased condominium – Is it a pain, is it value adding and what point it may not be deemed as value adding? What about Jersey city’s building department - I can help answer some of these questions based on my own real time experience here in downtown JC.

5.       Selling a property – Professional, Wine and Cheese events, Staging & Virtual tours, Expert analytics, Comparable market analysis Happy & excited to help out.

6.       Subjective personal factors in buying a property - Awe factor/Views/Exposure/Floor to Ceiling Windows/ walk-in closets/Strictly Value based. Each buyer gives different weights to these factors and we understand that and it is important that you get the things that gives you the most utility of happiness. Let’s discuss so we can find you the most appropriate home for you.

7.       How mortgage rates affect property prices? Is it a temporary effect Who wins when they suddenly rise, is it the bank or the seller or the buyer? I would love to talk to you on these things and also gain more knowledge by doing so.

When the time is right or even to find out if the time is right, all you have to do is remember 347 701 9248 send a text or hit the call button.


Best Regards,
Sagar Kharche | Real Estate Salesperson | Housing Finance Professional | Municipal Advisor
Prestige Property Group | Cell. 347.701.9248 | Office. 201.420.0078 | Fax.  201.420.0079
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