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Motherhood -an integral part of our DNA

Image result for happy mothers day to work women

As 200 women came together to celebrate their motherhood this Friday with us..A thought struck me - Aren't all women 'mothers' in a sense? Don't all of us have a natural inclination to nurture ?

Along the course of my life-journey,  I have seen inspiring examples of :

- Women who single handedly take care of their parents,…


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Get out of Newport: Local DayTrips

Newport is GORGEOUS in the summer and with all the lovely water sprinklers and the beach clearly nothing more can be asked for. But we live close to one of the most popular cities in the world where you can find some superb day trips accessible by just a short train ride - So dont miss out on this fun too!…


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5 strategies can help with your college savings efforts

By Roger Michaud

Roger Michaud is a senior vice president and director of sales for Franklin Templeton 529 College Savings Plan.  Mr. Michaud is also chairman-emeritus of the College Savings Foundation, the leading nonprofit helping American families save for their children's college education.…


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Summer day trips around New York/New Jersey (Mom handpicked)

Check out our updated list of over 50 places that are worth visiting this summer - click on links to read more and fill your calendar with fun day trips all summer long!




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Top questions to ask during a Parent Teacher Conference

Its the time of the year when parents and teachers will meet to discuss the progress of the child on academics and extra curriculars. While most teachers prepare for the meeting in advance, sometimes the…


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Its All True - Part 2

When I first arrived in the US.. little did I know that the glamor of the Big Apple wears off fast enough for people who are pampered at home with moms cooking, help in the kitchen etc etc etc.. I quite literally did not know how to boil an egg.

Fast forward 12 yrs and counting, I know how to work my way around the kitchen. I have experimented with spices, followed YouTube videos half way through (and then decided that my Cooking Math/Science is essentially a perfect Art!) and…


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Its all true.. Part 1

Vaseline Jelly jar

I have no patience for pedicures and as a result, most of the time, the soles of my feet are cracked and gory! While I dont like sitting down in one place for a pedicure, I love spending on a variety of products. So I have bought all kinds of ' cracked heel' ointments and creams, various kinds of machines and must honestly report that they are safely sitting in my closet (used once at the most).

But this winter, I decided to dedicate 2 mins of…


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Holiday greeting ideas for procrastinators!

It’s that time of the year when some of you have probably sent out several copies of your kid's best photos to family and friends wishing them a happy holiday season and yet another group has realized today that its a tad bit late to send anything saying "Happy Holidays" out. (I belong to the latter group - I haven't sent any cards out.)

I totally believe that it’s a good idea to send heartfelt wishes to near and dear ones AND…


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Medela recycles - Dont throw your breastpump just yet!

Medela has launched their Medela Recycles program, focused on helping moms who have finished their breastfeeding journey help new moms start theirs.

Now you dont have to throw away your breastpump after you have weaned the baby. Medela will dismantle the pumps…


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New Car Seat Law for New Jersey - In Effect starting September, Tuesday 1

New Jersey state law currently requires all children under the age of 8, weighing less than 80 lbs., to ride in the back seat of a vehicle in either a child safety seat or booster seat. Those under the age of 8, and those between the ages of 8 and 18, are only required to wear a regular safety belt.

Under the new law:

Infant to age 2: 

  • Car seats…

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20+ Apps and Websites for kids under 6 - Recommended for Children by a Child

My name is Ananya, and I am a middle school student - Thought I would share some of the websites and apps my mom used for me and now my baby brother (credit goes to her too for saving this information for me).
Hope you and your child could enjoy and benefit from these too.…

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You are not alone.

April is Autism Awareness Month.

Dr. Meika Roberson, Chief Medical Officer of CarePoint Health – Hoboken University Medical Center is a devoted advocate of autism awareness. Along with the staff of the dedicated Children’s section of the Emergency Department, she has been an active advocate for properly assessing and interacting with children who are on the autism spectrum and their parents.

“In the our pediatric emergency department, we…


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Best Cherry Blossom spots around Jersey City/New York

“Here's a little known…


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Crying for every small thing - How to manage crying spells

Questions) My daughter is very stubborn and keeps crying for every small thing, like when hungry, tired or sad. When we try to talk to her she won’t listen. Sometimes we do give in and sometimes we loose our patience. Is it normal for a 5 year old to cry this frequently?

Answer by Early Childhood Specialist from Building Healthy Minds and Happy…


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Caring for your Children’s Teeth by Dr. Louis Zazzaro from Newport Dental Arts



I am sure you already know that children are little sponges, constantly absorbing your habits and behaviors on a daily basis. Getting your little ones started at a young age on the road to good oral hygiene is a step in the right direction for lifelong overall health.

For babies, teeth…


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A perfectionist child and helping them succeed

Question) It appears that my daughter has very high expectations from herself. She has to turn in the perfect piece of work or else she will not even make an attempt. It is a struggle to help her understand that it will take several attempts before you can get it right. Some examples would be she would not practice her violin lessons because she thinks it doesn't sound right when she plays. She will not…


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How can I get my child to stop being picky about her food?

Question) How can I get my child to stop being picky about her food?


Answer) Infant feeding patterns affect taste preferences for longer than we think. As children begin to transition to table food it’s essential to begin introducing a variety of healthy food items with different tastes and textures. For an older child whose eating habits are already established it’s a little bit harder to encourage them to eat different things. However, it is possible to…


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21 month old started hitting everyone


"My 21 month old baby girl started hitting everyone and is a cranky child. She does not want to share anything in playdates and starts crying . Please suggest some tips to improve her behavior."…


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Super cranky kid and how to help them - By Early Childhood Specialist


 I have a 6 year old super smart daughter. However, every play date or birthday party she goes to ends up in a fight with some other kid, a lot of crying & high drama. It is becoming increasingly painful for me to take her out anywhere. I don't know how to make her get along, help her enjoy these play dates and parties and generally have a good time



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Enterovirus - Does your child have symptoms?

As the fall season starts with fears of the Enterovirus doing the rounds, I thought it might be a good idea to understand what we are up against.

Dr. Texidor of CarePoint Health Medical Group,  kindly shared the below information with us about the Enterovirus…


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